Luana Rigolli is from Piacenza (Italy) and she’s 33 years old. She discovered the passion for photography during the University. The studies in civil engineering lead her to prefer subjects of architecture and human interaction with the landscape. She is a founding member of the “Dieci x dieci” collective set in Gonzaga, Mantova. With this Group she organizes the “Gonzaga Contemporary Photography Festival” since 2015. In October 2015 she has been selected through a call as partecipant of the photography residence “30 up-and-coming talents” held by Harry Gruyaert (Magnum) and Alex Webb (Magnum) organized by CAMERA Italian Centre for Photography.

Confortably boring little world

It’s hard to tell the reason of the strong relationship between Emilia and the countryside of the United States, but, indeed, the similarity of the two landscapes has always interested Emilian artists, including myself. Singers and photographers of my land has often looked at the great States, I would say that the American dream has become so important in Italy thanks to their works. So I wanted to see the States with my own eyes and I drove through 8000 miles, from the East to the West coast, running after the American dreams, discovering that many of them are just a simple movie set, a collective consciousness, as well as, in our movies and books, people from Romagna are described as funny folks and people from Parma always eat great food. Te Route 66 is a myth that follows the same story, and its soul is very similar to our Via Emilia: a road that leads to sunny beaches through miles and miles of countryside where a “comfortable boring” feeling is widespread, lands in absence of any change, resigned to the present as many Italians of the letter generations do.

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