Publisher: MACK
text by: PHROOM


“La Luna nostra bella, garantita d’argento per l’eternita, personificata in poche parole, amica di ogni cuore un poco stanco”.
Osvaldo Licini

With Lunario, Guido Guidi gives us a sober, intelligent, measured work, capable of reporting and renewing the linguistic practices that characterize all his editorial activity. Lunario is a collection of photographs, made by the author over thirty years, (between 1968 and 1999), in which all the images focus directly or indirectly on a subject as simple as it can be recognized as immediately iconographic: the moon.
Guidi continuously finds the subject, always starting from different subjects, contexts and perspectives, often even banal in their daily and diaristic essence.
By realizing a delicate and intimate relationship with the subject, the author is able to lead us transversely through the signs of a masterful practice in which it is possible to trace many assonances to a certain American photograph – such as that of Robert Adams or Luis Baltz himself – whose prints (remember the author) have always gave him the impression of coming from a lunar, sidereal world; as realized by means of a “space probe”.
With this essential, clean book, which tells the look and the gaze, Guidi repeats and expands an exercise proposed by Italo Zannier during the Advanced Industrial Design Course in Venice. A theme and attention that therefore accompanies the author since the early years of training and which brings back the postural essence of a tradition that, continuing the lesson of Robert Adams, intercepts and expands the assonance and the experience of works such as the Amalassunte, a series of works dedicated to the moon by the painter Osvaldo Licini or, inevitably in return, Michelangelo Antonioni’s The Eclipse.

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