Panta Rhei

This is an allegorical visual narrative, inspired by the well-known phrase of the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus. Everything flows and everything in the Universe is indeed continually on the move. Everything changes, nothing stays the same, there is no absolute truth, the only reality is perennial movement.

Makis Makris is a photographer and visual artist. He was born and has been residing in Kavala, Greece. He studied “Greek Civilization and Culture” alongside Graphic Arts on “Interior Decoration”.
On December 2020 his work has been selected to take part in PEP’s Photographic Exploration Project group exhibition «NEW TALENTS 2020»,  that has been held in BERLIN at B-Part Exhibition Gallery. He has taken part in various group exhibitions as often in Greece as abroad and his photographic works have been displayed in both international and Greek online platforms and magazines.

Copyright © Makis Makris, all rights reserved

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