Still, HD-Video
color, sound
2:50 min

This video was made after the 2012 presidential elections in Mexico. A political moment where media strategies exerted a power, created from a diffusion machine that modeled the perception of people in the country. A machinery composed of connected parts that generated an uncontrollable movement. An electoral fraud that was forged and whose effectiveness depended on the inertia of many Mexican events and realities.

Manuela Garcia was born in 1982 in Mexico City, where she currently lives. She holds a BA in Fine Arts by the National University of Colombia. She was part of the MA program in Visual Arts at the Brera Academy in Milan and holds an MA in Sculpture by the National School of Plastic Arts (ENAP) in Mexico City. Finally, she was part of the School of Arts and Crafts in Granada, Spain, where she studied Textile Art.
She accomplished the SOMA arts education program in Mexico City.
She has recently participated in a collective shows as Multiple Gesture, Hilario Galguera Gallery at Squash 73, Bodega Acme, One Room for each artist Mexico city, Kiosko When I am lost I am curious Alumnos Foundation Mexico city, curated by Eva Posas, Yellow Tulips Efrain Gallery Chicago, and her solo show The similarities are hidden in the surfaces at Breve gallery where is she actually represented. She participated in a collective show as Transcriptions Chopo Museum curated by Esteban King, Inextinguishable Fire at Temporary Gallery, Cologne curated By Regina Barunke and Sonja Hempel and Onufri Prize at National Gallery of Tirana curated by Fani Zguro.
She has been involved with collective projects as The big question, Social Cartography at San Joaquin Neighborhood, with the Mexican collective art cooperative Cráter Invertido and NN project during the MDE15 at Antioquia Museum, Medellín.

website: Manuela Garcia

copyright  © Manuela Garcia, all rights reserved

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