Water in the desert



“My images are about ordinary spaces, the way these influence us and the way we make use of them.
Subjects often appear lost or overwhelmed by the urban environment surrounding them, yet people are central to my work.
I am driven by geometry, symmetry and juxtaposition of light and darkness.
I’d like this to be a static and contemplative reflection on common spaces, daily life and isolation.”

Uzbekistan is Central Asia’s most populous country, a one party “democracy” for the last 26 years and one of the only two double landlocked countries in the world.
It is an arid place with a state emblem that includes a cotton plant and two rivers surrounded by fertile looking land. It is an ex soviet country closely tied to Russia with a national hero that is considered a monster by its neighbours. It is an Islamic nation that uses anti-terrorism as an excuse to silence dissent. It is the home of a disappearing lake called “sea”.
This is a journey to a missing sea: it is about water, power and deceptive appearances.

Marco Barbieri is an Italian/Czech photographer based in London. He has a keen interest on how urbanism, politics and religion end up shaping the lives of people.
He focuses on documenting how these forces affect the daily routine of the population and how, at the same time, life inevitably tends to go on as usual.

Copyright © Marco Barbieri, all rights reserved

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