Making Love With the Things I Hate


This Project addresses that feeling of powerlessness and precarity when confronted with an accelerated process of profound political, environmental and technological change. Making love with the things I hate interrogates this paradigm shift and acts as a catalyst of personal resistance.

The Project copes three interwoven thematics: the hegemony of masculine power in politics, the inexorable ubiquity of plastics, and exponential advances in technology and its relation with precarity and dependency.

María de la O Garrido was born and raised in Andalucía, Spain. She has been living and working in UK since 2011. O Garrido completed her MA Photography at Central Saint Martins in 2016. In her installations María de la O juxtaposes, re-contextualises, wires together and morphs various objects and their images into 4D technicolour collage. It may seem that there is no logical connection between them, yet they are part of the fabric of life. An old toothbrush, an empty bottle of shampoo, a charger, and a few cables networked through the actual exhibition space, in a methaphorical way, reveal the usually invisible interconnecctions between things, capitalism of the everyday.

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