The inevitable anguish of Desire




In an unexpected desolation, everything changed. Something died that day.

Voids appeared. I fell into the abyss of memories. Recalling fragments of lust, in the liminal space of dreams. Chasing my desire in the subconscious.

The carousel of thoughts, spinning and spinning. Leading to turmoil and sleepless nights. In the darkness, an abandoned house. Stared at it for a while. All doors were locked, I left.

Deeper and deeper following unattained paths. Dragged me to a wide open door, full of light. The voids started to flow in the wild stream of emotions. I felt reborn.

Pain, grief, anxiety and rejection that derive from unfulfilled desires, become clarity and acceptance through the image. The image is in turn a catalyst for the catharsis that takes place, giving voice to the subconscious.

The series The Inevitable Anguish of Desire, are an ongoing project that started as a healing process to overcome the feeling of pain that had been affecting the artist’s mental health. In facing these intense thoughts daily, she creates a visual diary with the use of the camera, capturing images that correspond to the momentary emotion. In this way, the artist faces her current situation, accepts it and transforms it. Some of the creations are instant snapshots and others are preconceived staged ideas born from the early stage of REM sleep.

Healing and growth is often a complex and painful journey, but ultimately a fulfilling one.

Maria-Denise Dessimoz was born in Athens, Greece in 1995. She has  origins from Switzerland and was raised in between different countries. After her MSc in environmental engineering (Technical University of Crete), she decided to make a 180° change in her life and pursue a more artistic path by completing an M.A. in photography ( BTK Berlin).
Photography came to her as an answer to her visual curiosity. Instinct is the leading factor of the whole process, guiding her to results that either derive instantly from the mind or just come from external situations. She gets inspiration from myths, eastern philosophies, surreal stories, mysterious places, and uncanny events.

Copyright © Maria-Denise Dessimoz, all rights reserved

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