The Walk


The walk is a series made during a trip to Japan. Are you ever wondered where these people are going? They are straight, decided, leaving their work, but where to go? At home surely. But what will be his journey, what will his walk look like? This person in front of you, what will he see, cross or meet?
In this series I imagined his career, his meetings. I identifed with him and what I experienced during this trip. I created my own walk.

Marine Billet, born in 1991, is a photographer and director based in Paris. Studying art in its broadest sens lead her to photography and to enter the Gobelins school of Paris. After graduation she devoted most of her time assisting experimented advertising and studio photographers. Strenghtened by this experience and through a research of lights, aesthetics and precise atmospheres, she developed a singular vision. Her approach is based on different and calculated acute compositions.

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