Right now I’m literally obsessed with cinematography.  Especially from dark side and esoteric themes, that I have realized in the past even, but in a more soft and sensual way.
The “creatures” series is almost the anticipation of a new series, it has a surreal and conceptual vision which focuses   on the narration of precise themes such as change and transformation. There are no images of real life, but I try to  create images that impose the viewer to imagine a hyper-realistic scenes.

“My name’s Marta Blue and I am a photographer and creative director based in Italy. I graduated in communication sciences and I always worked in advertising, but in about two year I started a career as a photographer.
My photographic approach is visually very direct, I like that there are clear images in my photographs, quickly recognizable images. I like to reproduce intimate situations and therefore the approach to each photo, for the viewer, becomes very personal.
I test photograph on myself and I photograph what I do for most of the day, I work so much on myself and on my emotions. The main inspiration for me is the cinema, but every object, subject, landscape is chosen to be able to communicate a precise sensation. I study for a weeks, even months, to be able to plan a project, and it’s all focused on visual research. My work focused in particular on emotions, body and mental health. I try to shoot quite naturally, and the key thing for me is light. If I have the right light, I can do everything.”

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