The research of Matteo Nasini starts from sound study, to take physical shapes deeply examining and observing the sound and plastic substance’s surface. This leads to a practice that methodologically develops in sound installations, performances, textile and sculptural works.

He showed his work at: Clima Gallery, Marsèlleria, Triennale, Fonderia Artistica Battaglia (Milan); Maxxi, Macro, Iuno, La Galleria Nazionale, Pastificio Cerere, Auditorium Parco della Musica (Rome); Villa Croce (Genova); Villa Romana (Florence); Centro Arti Visive Pescheria, (Pesaro); Palazzo Fortuny (Venice); Southwaystudio, Manifesta 13 (Merseille); EDF Foundation (Paris); Espace le Carre, Palais Beaux- Arts (Lille); Mo.Co (Montpellier); MRAC (Serignan); IIC, Hammer Museum (Los Angeles); Marsèlleria (New York); Rowing (London); Royal Museum of Worcester (Worcester).

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