Publisher: MACK

text by: PHROOM


Ironic, romantic, heartbreaking, confidential, daily, secret, the territoriality outlined by Jeff Mermelstein in #nyc tells contemporary New York life through a perspective that is as original as it is unprecedented.

By means of a voyeuristic collection of photographic shots that began in October 2017 that show the screens and messages that people send to each other while they are on the street, Mermelstein constructs a meta tale for which, New York city and the people who pass through it , the emotions, the causes and the world that each of these inhabitants inevitably brings with them, become the occasional elements of a social portrait that oscillates between the cold, taxonomic, recording of the wide spectrum of human events and the attempt, or perhaps the temptation to organize the emotions found so that they participate, despite their autonomy, in a collective story.

A story in which, thanks to the abandonment of the inhibitions that people have when they believe they are not seen, the confessional truths of contemporary living find sincere and expressive space.

A stay and go through the things that, through this anecdotal story, allows us both the identification in the stories of the subjects found on the train, on a park bench or on the street, as well as, through the linguistic exchange, the possibility of reviewing our own idea of representation of the territory and of living. A story, the latter, that no longer wants the author to impose his gaze, but rather finds it intent on gathering the postural elements useful for producing a sign in which give voice to the protagonists of the story.

Copyright © Jeff Mermelstein, MACK and PHROOM, all rights reserved

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