Somalia Houses



Somalia Houses shows a series of dwellings in the Somali-Ethiopian border area.
In addition to the social aspect, Unverzart was interested in the system of layers and the improvisation of building a house. Likewise, colors and fabrics become important pictorial elements to learn more about a way of life.
Olaf Unverzart is a german artist, bookmaker and photographer. He often works in parallel on several photographic long-term studies that complement, need or continue each other. His heterogeneous visual world is characterized by the two large photographic fields of New Topography and Streetphotography.
Extending the documentary tradition, his almost lyrical poetic approach sees the world as a fundus to tell his stories. His approach is to give form to the world in all its disorder in order to make it more tangible and understandable for him. In the process, the landscape occupied by man and the relationship of man in his environment and architecture play a role again and again.

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