Non-violent changes


Everything we see is the result of causal consequences that tied hands and create the illusion of free will. We do not choose where to be born, our habits and character are formed from the environment in which we live, floating in the course of life we gather ourselves in parts.
This series of works is about the enslavement with which we were born and the desire for liberation, getting rid of the consequences of not understanding our true self.

Olga Koval is a 20 year-old photographer from Chernihiv (Ukraine). She started taking pictures in 2014, but only after school she realized how important photography is for her. In 2019, the third course by Sergey Melnitchenko began, which really helped her to create her first project called “Non-violent changes”, the series is a reaction to the events that accompanied her throughout the whole course.
Her works have been exhibited in Chernihiv by Zelena Scena in 2020 and  online as part of MYPH graduates exhibition 2020-2021. Now she is member of MYPH and is represented from ArtEastGallery in Berlin.

Copyright © Olga Koval, all rights reserved

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