Village Day

Despite of talks about Russian village dying every year a lot of villages celebrate Village Day – festival of ‘small homeland’ and village life. It is time for the close contacts between locals, their neighbors and relatives. It’s time for dancing and drinking despite of difficult living conditions, poorness, no government support and high migration level. In this day locals lay the table, prepare performances, invite musicians, treat the guests and dance all the night in House of culture. It’s not just a fest, it’s also interplay, connection, roll call when every village has its own voice. I have photographed this fest in the small non-touristic place in Northern Russia, Vologda region.    

Olya Ivanova, born in 1981 in Moscow, Russia.
In 2003 received BA in literature in Moscow State Pedagogical University.  In 2014 graduated from Institute of Contemporary Art (Moscow). She w
orks as freelance photojournalist worldwide, some of her client have been: The New Yorker, Monocle, Guardian Weekend, Bloomberg Market, Telegraph, GEO, Forbes, Vice, Neon etc.
Her work has been featured in: PDN, Lens Culture, Calvert Journal, Conscientious, Landscapes Stories, Unless you will, Verve Photo, Feature Shoot, Nowness etc. 

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