Course fee: € 50 for 2 hours of review
Limited number of participants: 1
Language: ENG / ITA
Live on Skype

For further information, please contact: [email protected]

After payment write us ([email protected]) to agree the date and start the portfolio review.

By providing the reading and orientation skills gained over the years, PHROOM has decided to give the opportunity to authors from all over the world to make their work known through a one-to-one confrontation aimed at helping the authors to identify, from a practical and theoretical point of view, their voice.
Offering itself as a moment of confrontation and care in which to examine all the aspects that shape a work and its communication, the portfolio review aims to help, through practical advice and theoretical ideas, those who wish to finalize their photographic art practice in a contemporary and international context such as the one to which PHROOM has access.

In short, what does portfolio review consist of?
Simple, during a portfolio review, you sit down with the PHROOM editorial staff to talk about your work, examine the various aspects of your practice from a practical-technical and theoretical point of view and receive useful advice to continue your path more effectively and intelligently, identifying the most suitable contexts and ways to promote your work.


Giangiacomo Cirla (b. 1986, Milan) is an artistic director, editor, and researcher. He works in the field of visual culture and communication. His research focuses on the study of the fruition, perception, production and communication of artistic projects with a focus on the analysis of dynamics and communicative-linguistic strategies developed within the emancipation of digital languages.
He is the Director of PHROOM which includes the role of Editor in Chief of PHROOM magazine and Creative Director of PHROOM agency.
He works as Gallery Director at Office Project Room (Milano) and he is also involved as artistic director and creative consultant in several projects.

Matteo Cremonesi (b.1986, Milan). Artist, art director and teacher. He studied at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts (Milan), where he later earned a three-year diploma in New Technologies for Art, a specialization in photography. His artistic work has been exhibited in many galleries and museums in Italy and abroad, among them we remember: Santa Maria della Scala (Siena); Still Gallery (Antwerp); Festival Internacional de Artes Gráficas (São Paulo); Miheličeva Gallery, 15th Festival Art Stays-Ptuj (Slovenien); Book signing published at Offprint London and Photo London – Tate Modern, Bankside (London); Docva, Hangar Bicocca Foundation and Nowhere Gallery (Milan); Family Business (New York); The Orange (Seoul); Museum of Art (Tel Aviv); Jarach Gallery (Venice).
He is the deputy director of PHROOM, Co Founder/Art Director at Office Project Room (Milan), and Lecturer at the New Academy of Fine Arts – NABA.

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