Far Between

Far Between explores everyday objects and scenes and their ability to become totemic when photographed, revealing hidden truths about society and identity. I was motivated to create this series after reading a transcript of a keynote speech by Jenny Odell, where she paraphrased the ideas she writes about in her book ‘How to do Nothing’. “Perhaps the granularity of attention we achieve outward also extends inward,” she posits, “so that as perceptual details of our environment unfold in surprising ways, so too do our own intricacies and contradictions.” In the process of making images for ‘Far Between’, I used this sentence as a guide. The resulting photographs explore my own identity through found symbols, and also serve as candid snapshots of our manmade environment.

Rosie Clement is a visual artist based in Tucson, Arizona. Her photography has appeared in Rolling Stone, the Washington Post, and on the cover of a bestselling romance novel. She also works in ceramics and writes music.

Copyright © Rosie Clement, all rights reserved

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