Through the Palm // Ryan Egan

Ryan Egan is a British photographer currently based in Manchester, England. In 2016, he graduated from Leeds College of Art with a BA (Hons) Degree in Photography, since then he’s continued shooting various projects. After developing his style within multiple genres over the years, Egan tends to be drawn to highlighting social and environmental topics throughout his work.

Through the Palm

This is a project shot between the Atlantis Resort on the Palm Jumeirah and the Marina in Dubai. Having never visited Dubai before I had unclear ideas on the rules and laws. Staying on the resort didn’t feel at all how I imagined Dubai culture to be, it felt like it was much more lenient towards the western lifestyle. Being only a short trip of three days, on the third, I headed through the palm towards Dubai Marina. Being the first time away from the resort I started to build ideas in my head, my westerner’s naivety kicked in. After spending a day there I realised it was far from the misleading ideas I’d built up from western ideologies. Through the images I wanted to show the rich colourful culture I came to find.

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