Dogs in Cars are a Dying Breed – Pilot

Some production company announces the pilot of an anthology series called:
Dogs in Cars are a Dying Breed,
written and directed by Sam De Buysere.

A proposal for a screenplay (for lack of any substitute terminology to offer you at this time) starring: Nam June Paik, Kurt Waldheim, Vladislav Surkov and returning to theaters as a follow-up to her smash-hit Barbarella, the Speaker.

An exciting flight to save the universe one last time.

Critics say, (not really):

‘A radical revision of everything… so rigorous and so precise’

‘Boldly ambitious, entertaining and thought-provoking… a pared, intense anti-parable’

Some production company’s press release

Sam De Buysere (b.2000) is a visual researcher based in Ghent, Belgium. Currently attending the Master program in visual arts at the School of Arts KASK & Conservatory, Ghent.

“Dogs in Cars are a Dying Breed – Pilot” is an unpublished dummy book.

Copyright © Sam De Buysere, all rights reserved

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