“Wer bin ich auf eine anderen Sprache?”



Being to Germany in 2007 for a few months and finally moving there in 2010, I found myself in the position of an immigrant: learning a new language, trying to understand the customs and traditions of the country.
After I found a family and after I started to think most of the time in German, I’m asking myself who I am when I’m talking, thinking and dreaming in another language than my mother-tongue? A language in which I can not express myself fully and completely.
Can I really be me? Or am I someone else? How did my environment change me and my way of thinking, seeing, laughing, joking?
It’s an intimate storytelling of my daily life, trying to find and define myself among language boundaries through photography and diary excerpts.


Sara Perovic‘s photography is driven by her interests in the perception of space, abstraction, repetitiveness and feeling of self.
Her body of work includes landscapes, graphic structures and the symbiosis of concrete and nature. She focuses on textures (Palmeral, 2017), depicts the invisible (Bura, 2015), and shows nature’s fragility with ethereal photos (I was there, 2015).
Among several solo and group shows, she founded and curated the fanzine aTree, promoting young photographers (available at MoMa Library New York, 2011). Sara Perovic currently works as an architect and photographer. She resides in Berlin.

Copyright © Sara Perovic, all rights reserved

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