Sergey Melnitchenko was born in 1991 in Mykolayiv, Ukraine. Nowadays lives and works in China. He’s a member of UPHA – Ukrainian Photographic Alternative.

Behind the scenes

Transvestites, girls bathing in tubs of beer, drunk actors and even more drunk visitors. All of this – club, the club where I’m working. Passed one year as I came to Asia to work as a dancer. The last few months we perform in one Chinese club, which is more like a huge bar with a stage, because no one of the visitors is dancing here. At one moment I realized how many great things are going on here that’s how the series “Behind the scenes” appeared.
This is the reverse, the invisible side of the club, the atmosphere, a part of which I became. At this behind the scenes there is more burlesque than on the stage, the concentration of sexual fluids is more powerful than oxygen. There’s no falsehood – it’s not a scene, it’s their everyday life, our life, or rather mine.

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