Spiraea is a southeast Asia plant. It’s also gracefully called “The field’s queen”.
Through a visual itinerary, aimed at eviscerating the appearances of nature, this work shows the passages of a growing awareness by means of a simple and joyful soliloquy.
Something really profound and beautiful seems to happen in the darkness of the human condition.

English version:

Italian version:

Sofia Bersanelli (1993, Milan) graduated in Visual Arts attending Brera’s Academy.
In her videos she uses the images and the language in an experimental way, in order to keep the work evocative and incisive too.
Her curiosity pushed her interest in other fields such as foreign literature, composition, and new neuroscience and astrophysics’ discoveries.
She uses all kind of media but she believes that the best way to show the complexity of reality is the unity in time offered by the video-making.

Instagram: sofi_bersa

Facebook: Sofia Bersanelli

copyright © Sofia Bersanelli, all rights reserved


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