Diorama Map



03 – 27 September 2020


Sohei Nishino walks, camera in hand, through the streets of cities around the world photographing fragmented landscapes, sometimes from high points and others at ground level. Then he prints them and combines them by hand, one by one, creating an immense map built from his memory and the places he has documented. The resulting collage pursues a very different objective than the descriptive purpose of a map: to offer an expressive representation of the city based on the artist’s experience when he walks through its streets and what his camera captures.
Repetition and confrontation are a fundamental part of Nishino’s work process. Social and economic development causes cities to expand and grow without restraint, creating forms and structures which the author responds to by emphasizing and altering their constant repetitions. It is then, during assembly, that experience and memory complete and unify the meaning of his fragmented images in a single element that represents the artist’s vision of the city.

Sohei Nishino is a Japanese artist born in 1982 in Hyogo. He currently lives and works in Kanagawa and Shizuoka, Japan. His work has been featured in numerous exhibitions at galleries and museums including the SFMOMA, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Gallery of Photography and has been exhibited in collective and solo exhibitions in Daegu Photo Biennale in Korea, Hong Kong International Art Fair, Seoul Photo, the Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Tokio, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, among others. He has been awarded with the Young Eye prize of the Japan Photographers, Canon New Cosmos Photography Award, Photographic Society of Japan: Newcomer’s Award, Foam Talents Call or Sagamihara Newcomer’s Award.

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