Sophie Usunier outlines, diverts, decontextualizes objects, gestures and what is part of our everyday life. She speaks of the epidermis as a physical limit, from limited space to infinite space, as an attempt to meet oneself through the other, to create a breach.

From our perception to the interpretation of things, from the relationship with the other to that with the world to non-verbal language, Sophie engages herself in communication, relations. She intertwines invisible threads, she weaves them to give body, to create a connection, therefore, to compose a form of unity.

To make people dance, to make human whistles, to encode the morse language to pass messages, to reduce newspapers into corianders, to walk slowly, very slowly, to stay silent, to make experiences, thinking that everything is developing… together.

Among the exhibitions and the events, she has collaborated with: FRAC Lorraine (Metz, France); International video Festival (Tallinn, Estonia); CAB, centre d’Art Bastille (Grenoble, France); Pavillon Kayserguet (Strasbourg, France); Placentia Arte (Piacenza, Italy); Neon (Bologna/Milano, Italy); Fabbrica del Vapore (Milan, Italy); ACB, scène nazionale (Bar-le-Duc, France); Triennale Design Museum (Milan, Italy); Museo Arte Contemporanea (Lissone, Italy), Haarman Bloedow haus (Berlin, Germany); Museo Laboratorio Ex-Manufactura Tabacchi (Città Sant’Angelo, Italy); Z2o (Roma, Italy); PAV, Parco Arte Vivente (Torino, Italy); Fondazione SoutHeritage (Matera, Italy); MadinFilandia (Arezzo, Italy).

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