Spanish Summer



published by: MACK
text by: Matteo Cremonesi

Gerry Johansson’s photographic work is distinguished by its ability to concretise a unique character in the image. His photographs, always extremely accurate and balanced, are able to evoke a look that seems to have been borrowed from a passage through some of the most significant voices of the international photographic scene.

Elaborating a syntax capable of appropriating the expressive postures of some of the Great photographic visions, Gerry Johansson’s work is distinguished by its proximity to a meditative experience, as if the gaze he shows us is the fruit of a breathing in which we can perceive, by different degrees, the effects of an expressive sedimentation that concedes nothing to the momentum of an event, to produce instead a profound look at the world and the landscape.

Bringing his sensitive gaze to peripheral landscapes around the world, from Ulan Bator to Antarctica, Spanish Summer is a project that sees the author engaged in a transit, in a representation that sees him return to one of the first places that were able to capture his imagination.

By rediscovering these places, the memory of which is still vivid in his mind, the author undertakes a path of investigation in which, place after place, the progression of images describes the discovery of a landscape, architectural and social universe in which to read both the richness of a profoundly beautiful place connected to a religious sense that enchants him, and the expression of a culture that is the result of the sedimentation of thousands of years of history.

With this silent and profound project, Gerry Johansson conducts a living investigation of the landscape, a collection of calm images in which every element, every trace, participates in the articulation of a great story of the place and the culture that determines it. The photographer’s work is carried out by placing his photographic compositions within a taxonomic framework that induces the viewer to enjoy each individual image as a stage in a long journey.

Rich in recurring elements whose expressive power lies in the tension between the modern and the ancient, Johansson’s delicate black and white images tell the story of a Spanish summer. A gaze that attempts and perhaps succeeds in reporting a posture capable of understanding the profound essence of a place where time, history and dust have sculpted the landscape.

Gerry Johansson (born 1945) is a Swedish photographer who lives in Höganäs in southern Sweden. He makes “straight and pragmatic” photographs with “an objective view of a geographic location.” His books include America, Sweden, Germany, Antarctic, Tokyo, and American Winter. His work is held in the collection of Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Sweden, where he has had solo exhibitions. He has been awarded the Region Skånes kulturpris and the Lars Tunbjörk Prize.

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