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The project explores the disparate theories and contradictions around the Nuragic civilization’s historiography. This Sardinian population existed between 2.300 BC 200 AD and played a central role in shaping the contemporary identity of the Italian island. The lack of indisputable information about them and the abundance of unresolved hypotheses made room for several myths to emerge, often real traps in the historical narrative which paved the way to bizarre and absurd theories. It is precisely within this mysteriousness and heterogeneity of Sardinian historiography that my project is taking shape. Nuragic bronzes, megalithic architectures, building sites, information panels without information and unidentified museum objects are some of the protagonists of this story.

Stefano Conti (b.1994, Italy) is an artist based between Italy and Sweden. He holds an MFA in Photography from Valand Academy, Gothenburg and a BFA in Photography from LABA (Libera Accademia di Belle Arti), Brescia, Italy. His works have been published both as printed matter (Der Greif, Yogurt Magazine, Atla Copenaghen) and online (Ombra magazine, FK Magazine, Broad Magazine). Recent exhibitions include Chippendale Studio (Milano, 2023), Galleri Format (Malmö, 2023), Athens Photo Festival (Photobook Exhibition at Benaki Museum, 2022), Museum of World Cultures (Genova, 2021), GIBCA Biennale (Göteborg, 2021), Tête Gallery (Berlin, 2021), Condominio (Milan, 2021).
Conti took part in many artist residencies, such as Hangar (Lisbona, 2022), Nocefresca (Sardinia, 2021), ISSP (Riga, 2021), Premio Arti Visive San Fedele (Milano, 2020). He has received numerous bursaries to develop his personal projects and engages regularly in artist talks and lectures on his work. In 2021, he was the winner of the Italian Council scholarship by Mibact, he received a one-year working grant from the Swedish Art Council and was the winner of the Dummy PhotoBook Prize from Palazzo Rasponi (Ravenna, Italy).
In addition to his solo practice, he collaborates with Swedish artist Emma Sandström as the duo Emma & Conti. He is also the founder of SWIT, the platform for contemporary photography bridging Sweden and Italy (upcoming in May 2023).

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