New Songs


New Songs began as a selection photos that each had their own story. But as I began editing in August of 2016, I stumbled upon a sequence that matched this heavy feeling of dread that seemed to be hanging in the air at the time. An ominous shift. It reminded me of the line in No Country For Old Men, “You can’t stop what’s coming. It ain’t all waiting on you.” In the subsequent months, the project continued with this line as the dangling carrot, exploring my fascination with an impending fortuity. The resulting images reminded me of something akin to a collection of dissonant hymns.

Tatum Shaw is a photographer and advertising copywriter based in Portland, Oregon and Atlanta, Georgia. His photography has appeared in Oxford American, Apartmento Magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek, Nylon Guys, American Chordata, and Atlanta Magazine.

Copyright © Tatum Shaw, all rights reserved

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