The Urgency of Life



published by: Slivana Editoriale
text by: Matteo Cremonesi

Oscillating between different postures and narrative procedures, now close to a diaristic relationship now winking at a photographic behavior that looks at fashion photography, The Urgency of Life is a project through which Tommaso Montenesi Posch is committed to an ambitious purpose, that of narrating his generation in progress.

Through an articulated succession of evocative and intimate images, the author’s gaze detects, questions, collects the moments and expressions of a body that manifests, as suggested by the title, its urgency to live.
A need that finds in the marine and summer landscape its ideal place to tell and find, perhaps first of all for himself and only then for the observer, an image and a story of himself.

Going through the moments of a long summer that seems to never end Tommaso Montenesi Posch accompanies us, image after image in a narrative journey in which each image, each scene, is presented to us as a precious moment and loaded with a density all related to the experience represented.

Every moment, every body, every scene portrayed shows the expression and the signs of a joy of living whose need becomes urgent during the course of a time, that of a summer, which fears its own end.

Able to tell his time and his age beyond the scenes narrated in the photographic images, the author dresses and describes his own generation even before the subjects, in the narratives through the postures assumed by his gaze. A watching and noticing the world in which we can trace the education to expressions and procedures of visualization proper to social media and fashion, a disciplinary structure from which Tommaso Montenesi Posch moves his intelligent interpretation of a moment of life and a narrative that sees him play at the same time the voice of author and that of subject.
The strength in this curious editorial project lies precisely in the urgency of a questioning that sees two usually distinctive figures coincide, that of the author and that of the subject.

Reporting all the emotionality that surrounds the act of looking and looking at one’ self, Tommaso Montenesi Posch invites us to live a long summer in the company of his friends, a discovering in which to live or relive all the pulsating emotionality of a passage between adolescence and adulthood.

Copyright © Tommaso Montenesi Posh, Silvana Editoriale and PHROOM all rights reserved

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