Series of photographs is a sudden prominence on the surface of the psyche. Although you can be locked in one room and deprived of any contact, life still goes on. A series of photographs show scenes of my own life on the 10th floor of solitaire in which I convey the unfolding of life from an isolated perspective. I started a series of photos in self-isolation after we found out that we were positive for Corona Virus. Photography was the medium with which I could express myself best, without keeping everything in myself. I didn’t want a bad mood to take me away from photography. After we got over COVID-19 and came out of isolation, life went on. I continued to photograph the scenes through the following year following the forecasts and the seasons, which, in isolation and after, were the only proof to us that we were still alive and that nothing stoped. Nothing will stop us, and nothing will push us very far from everything except ourselves. It’s all of your own choices. If we look close enough, even the most modest apartment has beauty! The main backbone of this photo project is to show that all our power is in the present moment, no matter where we are and how we feel!

Tomislav Marcijus is an internationally awarded and contemporary photographer based in Osijek, Croatia. After graduation from the Architectural-Geodetic School, he began experimenting with film and analog cameras. He found himself in visual arts and turned his hobby into a business. After that, he launched his brand Marcijuš Studio. Analog photography made him discover his style and apply it to various photography types. Documentary and artistic approach is the way he is photographing personal projects, destination weddings, portraits, editorials, travels, and architecture. He is a writer and photographer for the popular Croatian website, Design Blog.

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