Baranja Dreaming



Every leaving takes us back to some beginning and teaches us to discover something new within ourselves. We are the consequence of all those who were there before us. The legacy of our families, good and bad, is all part of who we are. Unlike the cities we rush to, everything in village life is a matter of the community, not individual. As a child, unfortunately, I did not understand this. This series of photographs is part of a community, environment, and learning. Time and people pass, and we miss them because of the unrest we sometimes struggle with; I return to that forgotten space with this project.

Baranja is the place of my roots. A dreamy region where life passes slowly and where you feel nostalgia for all seasons. Baranja is a diverse and tame landscape where the misty fields remind me of a dream from which I never woke up. Where winter is so endless and where the arson has its beauty of scent. Baranja is a melancholy part of Eastern Croatia that has influenced my work, behavior, and way of life. We are not talking here only about the nature and landscapes of Baranja; in her, all life is one!

The project shows the days in the countryside and the desire to escape from it, which permeated me in not knowing that I grew up in the most beautiful environment. In a dreamy fog, with the most important people in my life. In searching for something better and more significant, we forget about the space and the people around us. Likewise, we don’t look at minor signs along the way that ultimately lead to big things we only dreamed about before.

The feeling stands; I carry all those places in Baranja that I photographed at the beginning, wherever I went, unconsciously transferring all emotions to my future ideas. Lyrical photographs in front of you, created over the last ten years, intimately question how much control we have over ourselves to influence what we’ll become through landscapes and years.

Tomislav Marcijus is an internationally awarded and contemporary photographer based in Osijek, Croatia. After graduation from the Architectural-Geodetic School, he began experimenting with film and analog cameras, and he found himself in visual arts and turned his hobby into a business. After that, he launched his brand Marcijuš Studio. Analog photography made him discover his style and apply it to various photography types. A documentary and artistic approach is how he photographs personal projects, destination weddings, portraits, editorials, travels, and architecture. He is a writer and photographer for the popular Croatian website, Design Blog.

He examines the relationship between people and space and their interaction through his photographs. He photographs people in their minds, absent and sometimes lost. His goal is to show the beauty of simplicity and show in photos something every day but not noticed in its unique way. He always wants to convey the moment’s atmosphere, not just capture the moment. For this reason, he always introduces the observer to the space in which I find myself. The environment where he grew up left a dose of nostalgia and an unknown sensibility that he convey in his works. Showing something internal to the outside world brings his melancholy signature that you will find in all his captured spaces and people.

Copyright © Tomislav Marcijus all rights reserved

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