The fertile void

In Gestalt therapy, the term “fertile void” describes the point zero: an intermediate point of balance and homeostasis, full of possibilities. A condition between something that has just finished, and something that hasn’t emerged yet. A state of “creative indifference” located right between two poles. Using the above as an inspiration, in The fertile void photographic series, I propose a dialogue of images in order to describe the atmosphere between existential opposites intertwined with the human condition (life–death, loneliness–belonging, freedom–limitation, meaning–futility). I use images of gesture, landscape photos, portraits and still lifes. I’m taking pictures, having in mind the perpetual effort of balancing between existential classifications. Existential classifications which, even though they seem to have the form of opposition, at the same time they constitute a constant call for synthesis and completion.

PHROOM // Vasilis Ntaopoulos

Vasilis Ntaopoulos 1984, a social scientist and a photographer based in Larissa, Greece. His educational background derives from studies in Social Anthropology (BSc & MSc) and Gestalt therapy. His photographic work so far, focuses on the different ways of appropriation of place and space (whether it’s about interiors or urban and suburban landscapes) and he recently has become more interested in the existential aspects of human condition. Ntaopoulos has participated in several workshops and exhibitions in Greece (selected: Athens Photo Festival 2019, Photometria Festival 2023), and his photography has been featured in online and printed publications.

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