Here Are the Best Online Photography Contests to Enter Right Now

Photography is one of the ultimate forms of artistic expression. Using one camera, you can capture infinite moments, each shot different from the last. At its core, photography is a shared experience. We may all have different emotional reactions to the same picture and part of the fun of photography is sharing our art with others.
Thanks to the internet, we have millions of images at our fingertips and communities of creators to share them with, where you can share your creations online, take part in photography contests and courses, and explore the photography of thousands of other photographers.
Whether you have taken pictures professionally for a number of years or you are just getting started, photography contests are the perfect way to share your talent with the world and improve your craft. Not only can you gain feedback and useful pointers on your photography from experts, but there are also a number of prizes on offer for winners and finalists.
We’ve outlined the top five photo contests you can enter right now. Find these and more on Viewbug, and may the best photographer win!


Textures around Us Photo Contest
Deadline: 21st February 2019
Grand Prize: iPhone X and Adobe Creative Cloud

‘Purple dutch” by aliaumechapelle

From choppy waves to soft flowers and much more besides, the natural world is full of different textures. A desire to touch is one of our most innate reflexes, and appealing textures are all around us. In a collaboration with Adobe Stock, this contest focuses on tactility. Grasp this photography theme and you could win an iPhone X and a year’s unlimited subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Wildlife on the Move
Deadline: 26th February 2019
Grand Prize: Tamron AF 18-200mm lens

“Cluster” by halfraid

The animal kingdom is fascinating. With so many subjects to choose from, each with their unique features and habits, there lie amazing opportunities to take some truly breathtaking photography.
If you consider yourself the next best nature photographer, the Wildlife on the Move contest is where you can put your skills to the test. Perhaps you’ll take the ultimate shot of a flock of flamingoes on the move, a bird mid-flight, or a waddle of penguins making their seasonal migration.

Creative Landscapes Photo Contest
Deadline: 26th February 2019
Grand Prize: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

“Rays of the sun through trees” by pictorila

Do you find yourself enchanted by the landscape? Elegant photos of sweeping scenery will always capture our imaginations. During the winter, there is something familiar and yet otherworldly about the landscape, so why not take advantage of the season and capture a gorgeous image of hills, mountains or wherever else your imagination — and your feet — take you?

Experimental Photography Project
Deadline: 1st March 2019
Grand Prize: Canon 5D MK III or Nikon D5300

“Behind every pretty light” by RainingInsanity

This one is for more avant-garde photographers. If your images are experimental and you use a mixture of interesting subjects and unusual compositions to create a truly unique photograph, the Experimental Photography Project is your chance to shine. Showcase your unique approach to the craft and you could win a new camera — allowing you to continue pushing boundaries with your photography.

Shades of Green Photo Contest
Deadline: 10th May 2019
Grand Prize: Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 Macro Lens

Shiraito Falls by MatthewKou

‘Green is good’ is the theme of this photo contest, which looks for the best pictures capturing the color green. Whether that’s photography of lush rainforests and plant life or something else entirely, the choice is yours. The grand prize for this contest is a Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 Macro Lens.

article by: Ori Guttin

Ori Guttin is a co-founder of Viewbug, an online picture-sharing community, and has spent years working in the internet industry.




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