We want to know the truth about the balls



It is true that at least once in your lifetime you have heard about ball lightning. But can you be sure that it exists? No, because it has never been proven.

Official sources say that contacts with ball lightning have been recorded since the Middle Ages and even earlier. But they immediately deny their existence, referring to paid scientists, stupid physicists and even doctors. “They” are trying to tell us that ball lightnings, or more correctly, controlled energy balls, are hallucinations, delusions of vision, and nonsense… But this is manipulation, outright lies.

In reality, the available facts and evidence confirm that the existence of controlled energy balls is not a joke. Thousands of eyewitnesses and victims speak for themselves. But the truth is that the history of controlled energy balls begins in 1951.

In 1951, the body of a journalist who died under mysterious circumstances was found in the city of Helbshire. Why would you pay attention to the mysterious death of an ordinary person?

It was later revealed that it was this journalist, John Foster, who prepared the material about the secret laboratory in Helbshire a few weeks earlier. His article says that this mysterious place is developing special weapons in the form of controlled energy balls. He writes that these balls will be able to control the birth rate and adversely affect young children. This information is alarming.

But even more frightening is the fact that after 1951 none of the open sources of any country in the world provided any information, references or data about the city of Helbshire. Perhaps something is really being hidden from us?

The nephew of the murdered journalist, Greg Foster, decided to get to the truth. He holds secret documents, materials, eyewitness accounts and real facts at his disposal. All the documents available to us at the moment are written in a secret cipher that is unlike any existing language. For many years, Greg has been deciphering these materials.

Numerous eyewitnesses who met objects similar to these balls complain of fever, headache and sudden bruises on their stomachs. Usually a few days after the tragedy, the victims are informed of infertility.

How long will “they” continue to hide the TRUTH from us? Wake up.

Conspiracies are an attempt to understand, to explain the complex and incomprehensible. In my project I’m trying to combine different aspects of conspiracy theories to find ideas that manipulate basic human fears. Absolutely everything in my project is fictional. People’s faces are generated by a neural network, texts are written by me and the controlled balls are lanterns.

The murdered journalist John Foster

Photo from the witness

Documents written in encrypted cypher

Greg Foster, the journalist nephew

An article which triggered attention of the government

It is impossible to find data about the city of Helbshire. The government is hiding the truth.

Photos of the witnesses

Secret documents, photos of witnesses, the map of Helbshire

After contacting the ball, the majority of witnesses notice peculiar burns around the belly

An encounter with the ball in the sky

It is rare that alternative media cover encounters with the balls

There are three types of balls

Only private Facebook groups allow us to share our experiences. But they get blocked real quickly

We want to know the truth

Viktoriia Tymonova is a Ukrainian artist who works with nostalgia in all its possible forms and manifestations: tastes, smells, fleeting sensations and touches. Everything that cannot be forgotten must be fixed, thought over, repeatedly felt.
Fiction, like nostalgia, makes you think and reinvent what was and what never was. It does not seek to fool, but makes you feel awkward, strange in your position. In this awkwardness and diversity, fiction tends to ask questions.
In her work, she uses nostalgia and fiction to give reality a chance.

Copyright © Viktoriia Tymonova all rights reserved

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