I am an observer fascinated with the world around. I see myself as being a dreamer.
My photographic work is about mainly ignored themes in current time.. I use the nature as a tool, just like a camera, to express my ideas. I am inspired by its forms, lines, and volumes. I use analog process as the support for my photographs.
I love everything about analog photography. the mystery of magic in the whole process of taking the picture; not being able to see immediately what the picture will look like. Developing film at home and see how negative looks when you just open the tank. And finally, be able to print an image in the darkroom. Film creates a very unique feeling for me. It’s far from perfect but the grain structure makes it look incredible.

Volodymyr Demkiv, born in 1986 in Ukraine. He always had interest in photography, but everything has changed in 2018 when he discovered passion with analog photography. 

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