This set of photos was inspired by a virtual game. Is the way we experience games also a reflection of real life?
Nowadays, virtual games are becoming more and more real, and people are constantly pursuing perfect picture quality and rich sensory experience. The line between simulation and reality becomes blurred. That’s why I question the meaning of real life. If all experiences can be gained from virtual things, is it necessary for us to talk about real life? Is what we perceive as real life also some kind of “simulation”, part of some kind of program?
In order to explore this issue, I collected materials in reality and simulated some fictional and conflicting scenes. These images seem to me a reconstruction of reality as well as a simulation of fiction. I am trying to forging a bridge between our physical and digital worlds and reveal such an illusory world of contradiction.

Wei Wei was born in Hubei, China in 1997.He has been creating photography since 2019. His works mainly discuss the current situation of living in the information age and the relationship between individuals and the environment. His method of creation includes photography and performance art. His work DIZZY won the Lensculture Black and White Photography Award in 2020. BaiLiZhou won the LensCulture Critics’ Choice Award in 2021.

Copyright © Wei Wei, all rights reserved

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