Werner Mansholt is a german photographer (b. 1949) based in Darmstadt. Streephotographer and photographic artist. Appointed member of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie, DGPh (German Society of Photography).

The streets are the stage for daily life; members of the public are actors in a love story, drama, comedy or tragedy, opera or ballet. But they could be the audience as well, observing the scene just like we are. The urban surroundings are the stage settings. I take pictures on the streets around the world. And I prefer always seeing people being themselves and living completely in the moment, unaware of the camera, but I don’t hide away. I like to stroll around and follow people in their surroundings as they go about their daily lives; people are waiting or walking, working or eating and there is always something beautiful, something special. All the pictures tell little stories about love and desire, about loneliness and happiness, about inconsistency juxtaposed humour and not least about myself. The photographs are candid, authentic and believable. Orchestrating a scene is very difficult and I love the process of searching and finding such moments for a great picture. Capturing the essential and humanistic moment with the lens, the actions in the drawing, the colours and the shapes gives me a feeling of happiness.
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