At the origins




What hides in the mysterious depth of early memories might reappear before one’s eyes in a dream. Even when the eyes are shut, our sight may be surprisingly broadly open to flashlights of childhood memories. This series of photographs captures a place where I grew up and which, many years later, resembles a dream. This dream features bright and fulgurate details not united in a general clear plot. Connection to my origins.
The familiar imagery of such a dream does not hold any danger. Indeed, it serves as a safe place and comforts the photographer with a sense of belonging.

Xenia Petrovska is a photographer from Ukraine. Born in 1988. Photography has been a hobby for her for many years, but she creates her first conscious series in 2019. She studied photography at the MYPH art school and at the Kyiv School of Photography. She took part in several group exhibitions in Ukraine and Europe. Currently based in Kyiv.

Copyright © Xenia Petrovska, all rights reserved

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