Identity is one of the main themes I explore in my practice. I was born in Dnipro, Ukraine, which now is a city close to the war front line.
Seven years ago, I moved to Warsaw to study photography at the Academy of Fine Arts. It was a life-changing experience: I’m still emigrant here in Poland. To this day, it has helped me build a unique perspective on my native land, from a distance.
For “Daring & Youth” project, which is a continuation of my early searches on identity and the transformations of my country, I spent some time with a group of young hooligans of the far-right movement in Ukraine.
At the same time, I was taking photos of the abandoned Lenin Palace of Culture in my hometown. The decommunization law had just been brought to force. First, the monuments of communist leaders were dismantled, and then there were changes in the names of many towns and streets…
While observing the ongoing transformation, I began to perceive “Daring & Youth” as a metaphor for many modern political processes.
Working with this group of young war veterans, I focused on their online presence. The reality they created on Instagram and the consequences of a subtle promotion of what they believe is national heroism. The main inspirations for my work were the images that they create. I followed their life through the snapshots of football matches, war battles, and political activities, all filtered through the youthful aesthetics.

PHROOM magazine // international research platform for contemporary photography and video art

Graduated from the Department of Architecture of the State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture (2010) in her home city, as well as from the Faculty of Media Art of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2013).
Starting with my graduation project My World Is Not Where I Am (2013) about young Ukrainians, I explore issues related to the young generation, living in postsoviet countries. The next chapter Presentiment (2014) was published in a form of a book as a part of Krakow Photomonth, 2015.
I was resident of Scholarship Program of the Minister of Culture and Natinonal Heritage of Poland in 2016. Participant of the Pla(t)form 2018 Fotomuseum Winterthur, Switzerland.
In 2018 I was also nominated to the Pinchuk Art Center Prize for Young Artists in Kyiv, Ukraine, with “Daring & Youth” project. My approach in photography based on combining documentary with creation, personal with political concepts.

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