curated by Giangiacomo Cirla and Elena Rebecca Rivolta

In a world spoiled by the grammar of digital communication and the neoliberal production relationships that want everything capable of being shared and consumed faster and faster, the suspicion is growing that photographic language is increasingly losing the ability to report linguistic and postural autonomies, nourishing the impression of an imminent disappearance of the figure of the other and his images and expressions.

This makes a reflection on the work of census, selection, storage and use made by the new emerging research platforms an interesting subject to evaluate and possibly recognize the instances of this suspicion.

By attributing an interest in processing an observation thus proposed, PHROOM exhibits a selection of images from its archives, a choice of authors to each of whom, alongside others, is given the opportunity to report both linguistic autonomy and at the same time the ability to constitute, with his signs, an active part of a choral voice capable of outlining a thematic, disciplinary and aesthetic territory, to which refer as to intercept the most urgent instances of contemporary linguistic expression in the visual field.


223 (Lin Zipeng) – Brandy Eve Allen – Liza Ambrossio – Fabrizio Bellomo – Matteo Cremonesi – Marco Dapino – Giuseppe De Mattia – Irene Fenara – Maria de la O Garrido – Jaakko Kahilaniemi – Seunggu Kim – Yulia Krivich – Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee – Alexandra Lethbridge – Camille Lévêque – Ann Massal – Sergey Melnitchenko – Giovanni Oberti – Eva Ostrowska – Benedetta Panisson – Gloria Pasotti – Sarah Michelle Riisager – Piero Roi – Simone Sapienza – Alberto Singaglia – Enrico Smerilli – Marinos Tsagkarakis – Sybren Vanoverberghe – Karolina Wojtas – Alba Zari – Fani Zguro

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