Kristina Rozhkova

PHROOM // Kristina Rozhkova

PHROOM KRISTINA ROZHKOVA Bodyland instagram  I have found myself in a place where everyone seeks to merge with a common ideal to become one… for those who frequent this place, the body is not a source of life force or movement, but takes on a symbolic aspect. Here, the body is both capital, and status […]

Kristina Rozhkova

PHROOM // International research platform for visual culture

PHROOM HOME Artists Archive Screening Room Exhibitions About Submission Newsletter   KRISTINA ROZHKOVA The Bliss of Girlhood   instagram For some reason, as a society we sanctify “youth”. You may say that this project for me is an attempt to do the same.  Each one of my heroines is for me, a goddess each one […]

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