Thermodynamics of a Singularity

PHROOM // Thermodynamics of a Singularity

LORENZO BACCI – FLAVIO MORINIELLO Thermodynamics of a singularity   websiteInstagram text by: Matteo Cremonesi   Thermodynamics of a singularity (ToS) is an attempt to recount the Italy of lockdown and social distancing during the difficult course of the Pandemic: covid-19. Carrying out a wide-ranging research that urgently traverses the bureaucratic postures assumed in the […]

Noi // Nicoletta Grillo

PHROOM // Nicoletta Grillo - Noi

NICOLETTA GRILLO Noi instagram published by: Boîte Editionstext by: Carlo Caccamo Indexes and thumbs touch above the demonstrators’ heads, spaces of possibility open between fingers. A new collective subject embodies in the streets of Milan in 1978. People run, overtaking the tram. In the faces blurred by the run, we may catch a smile towards […]

Joke // Talia Chetrit

PHROOM // Joke - Talia Chetrit

TALIA CHETRIT Joke instagram published by: MACKtext by: Alessandra Cianetti Talia Chetrit is an American photographer known for her still life and nude portraiture. She was born in Washington D.C. and now works in New York. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally at institutions such as the ‘Whitney Museum of American Art’, the […]

Sonata // Aaron Schuman

PHROOM // International research platform for visual culture

AARON SCHUMAN Sonata   websiteinstagram published by: MACKtext by: Matteo Cremonesi From the 18th century onwards, the aristocracy of continental Europe began the custom of embarking on long journeys with departure and arrival in the same city in order to perfect their knowledge. The most frequent destination for what was called the Grand Tour was […]

August // Collier Schorr

PHROOM // International research platform for visual culture

COLLIER SCHORR August   websiteinstagram published by: MACKtext by:PHROOM Formalized as a collection of moments in which different voices and inclinations overlap and combine, in August, Collier Schorr (the war photographer, the itinerant portraitist, the anthropologist, and the family historian) composes a plot in which the documentary and ephemeral portrait of a small town in […]

Flattened in Time and Space // Angelo Vignali

PHROOM // International research platform for visual culture

ANGELO VIGNALI Flattened in Time and Space   websiteInstagram published by: Witty Bookswords by: Matteo Cremonesi Angelo Vignali’s Flattened in Time and Space is a work in which the proximity to the biographical datum characterises the author’s projectuality to the point of producing the peculiarities of the same gestures that construct the work. Re-elaborating the […]

North Line // Fyodor Telkov and Sergey Poteryaev

PHROOM // International research platform for visual culture

FYODOR TELKOV and SERGEY POTERYAEV  North Line   Fyodor TelkovwebsiteInstagram Sergey PoteryaevwebsiteInstagram published by: Snowfox Works   North Line presents a collection of images through which Fyodor Telkov and Sergey Poteryaev document their travels in the regions of northern Russia to chronicle the lives of the native Mansi, Selkup, Nenets and Hanty people. Recounting the […]

Padanistan // Tomaso Clavarino

PHROOM magazine // international research platform for contemporary photography and video art

TOMASO CLAVARINO Padanistan   websiteinstagram published by: studiofaganeltext by: Giacomo Infantino Padanistan is the latest book by Tomaso Clavarino, a photographer born in 1986 and the author of other books and zines that I have had the pleasure of browsing through, such as, for example, the earlier Ballads of Woods and Wounds from 2020, and […]

SCUMB Manifesto // Justine Kurland

PHROOM // International research platform for visual culture

JUSTINE KURLAND SCUMB Manifesto   websiteInstagram published by: MACKtext by: Matteo Cremonesi Inspired by the iconoclastic feminist SCUM (Society for Cutting Up Men) manifesto by Valerie Solanas, SCUMB Manifesto is a project through which we are introduced to Justine Kurland’s photographic work, a project that is characterized by its ability to produce itself within a […]

The Urgency of life // Tommaso Montenesi Posch

PHROOM // International research platform for visual culture

TOMMASO MONTENESI POSCH  The Urgency of Life   instagram published by: Slivana Editorialetext by: Matteo Cremonesi Oscillating between different postures and narrative procedures, now close to a diaristic relationship now winking at a photographic behavior that looks at fashion photography, The Urgency of Life is a project through which Tommaso Montenesi Posch is committed to […]

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