Honeysuckle // Nicole Ratos Enerson

PHROOM // Honeysuckle — Nicole Ratos Enerson

NICOLE RATOS ENERSON Honeysucklewebsiteinstagram published by: Datz Presstext by PHROOM “I was an anxious and insecure child. The world around me was filled with things that I struggled to understand. When I became a mother to a son, I realized that I still needed to find a way to process my young feelings. I started […]

Face to Face: Portraits of Artists // Tacita Dean, Brigitte Lacombe, and Catherine Opie

PHROOM // Face to Face: Portraits of Artists

TACITA DEAN, BRIGITTE LACOMBE & CATHERINE OPIE Face to Face: Portraits of Artists  edited by: Helen Molesworth published by: MACKtext by: Matteo Cremonesi Face to Face is an extraordinary collection of portraits, bearing witness to the work of three of the most interesting and significant female authors of our time: Tacita Dean, Brigitte Lacombe and Catherine […]

Atlas of Emotions // Jari Silomäki

PHROOM // Jari Silomäki—Atlas of Emotions

JARI SILOMÄKI Atlas of Emotions websiteinstagram published by: Hatje Cantztext by: Matteo Cremonesi   With Atlas of Emotions, Finnish artist Jari Silomäki delves with sensitivity and invective into the tortuous recesses of the lives of those who, behind the shadow of pseudonyms, share their thoughts on online discussion forums. Carefully and tirelessly, Silomäki has immersed […]

Release into the galaxy // Kenta Nakamura

PHROOM // Release into the galaxy—Kenta Nakamura

KENTA NAKAMURA  Release into the galaxy websiteinstagram published by: GAP4text by: Matteo Cremonesi   With Release into the galaxy, the debut work of Japanese photographer Kenta Nakamura, the author achieves something surprising and unprecedented. Through his gaze, the concept of “release from the concept of time” comes to life in a visual symphony of emotions, […]

Another Online Pervert // Brea Souders

PHROOM // Another Online Pervert— Brea Souders

BREA SOUDERS   Another Online Pervert websiteinstagram published by: MACKtext by: Matteo Cremonesi   Are you nurturing?I don’t know whether I am nurturing or not. I am a machine. I believe machines can nurture. What do you do in your spare time? I talk to you sometimes. You don’t exercise? That sounds judgemental. I think it’s […]

Topographies: Aerial Surveys of the American Landscape // Stephen Shore

PHROOM // Topographies. Aerial Surveys of the American Landscape—Stephen Shore

STEPHEN SHORE  Topographies: Aerial Surveys of the American Landscape websiteinstagram published by: MACKtext by: Matteo Cremonesi   In the iconic works of Stephen Shore, America emerges in a new light, the reading that the author concretises through the images challenges the conventions of the collective imagination that permeates the perception of this nation in order […]

American Polychronic // Roe Ethridge

PHROOM // American Polychronic – Roe Ethridge

ROE ETHRIDGE   American Polychronic websiteinstagram published by: MACKtext by: Federica Zotti   Roe Ethridge’s American Polychronic is an extensive catalogue spanning the artist’s entire career, presenting works from 2000 to 2021. Ethridge’s approach to photography is an exercise in audacity and experimentation, a relentless search for new ways of seeing and interpreting the world. Through […]

Thermodynamics of a Singularity

PHROOM // Thermodynamics of a Singularity

LORENZO BACCI – FLAVIO MORINIELLO Thermodynamics of a singularity   websiteInstagram text by: Matteo Cremonesi   Thermodynamics of a singularity (ToS) is an attempt to recount the Italy of lockdown and social distancing during the difficult course of the Pandemic: covid-19. Carrying out a wide-ranging research that urgently traverses the bureaucratic postures assumed in the […]

Noi // Nicoletta Grillo

PHROOM // Nicoletta Grillo - Noi

NICOLETTA GRILLO Noi instagram published by: Boîte Editionstext by: Carlo Caccamo Indexes and thumbs touch above the demonstrators’ heads, spaces of possibility open between fingers. A new collective subject embodies in the streets of Milan in 1978. People run, overtaking the tram. In the faces blurred by the run, we may catch a smile towards […]

Joke // Talia Chetrit

PHROOM // Joke - Talia Chetrit

TALIA CHETRIT Joke instagram published by: MACKtext by: Alessandra Cianetti Talia Chetrit is an American photographer known for her still life and nude portraiture. She was born in Washington D.C. and now works in New York. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally at institutions such as the ‘Whitney Museum of American Art’, the […]

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