Anastasia Davis

PHROOM // Anastasia Davis

PHROOM ANASTASIA DAVIS Sunless websiteinstagram   Sunless is a stream-of-consciousness sequence of photographs that I display as diptychs or in book form, created in the initial months of the pandemic, and made into a zine in 2021. I photographed portions of my computer screen as it displayed my own old photographs, as well as photographs […]

Kristina Rozhkova

PHROOM // Kristina Rozhkova

PHROOM KRISTINA ROZHKOVA Bodyland instagram  I have found myself in a place where everyone seeks to merge with a common ideal to become one… for those who frequent this place, the body is not a source of life force or movement, but takes on a symbolic aspect. Here, the body is both capital, and status […]

Fleur Jakobs

PHROOM // Fleur Jakobs

PHROOM FLEUR JAKOBS Weltschmerz websiteinstagram  Weltschmerz, world pain. It expresses the deep sadness and painful melancholy that people can experience by contemplating the imperfect world. Through the realization that physical reality will never be able to satisfy the desires of the mind. During the Romantic era, many artists and writers created works that were inspired […]

Alessandra Book

PHROOM // Alessandra Book

PHROOM ALESSANDRA BOOK Parioli Pockets instagram Parioli Pockets is a personal journey inside Parioli, the richest neighborhood in Rome, Italy. Zoos, parties and lonely streets at night become a jungle where it’s not possible to see at which point the outer ends and the inner world of the author begins. There is something old and […]

Manyi Chan

PHROOM // Manyi Chan

PHROOM MANYI CHAN Touch website instagram Touch is a long-term ongoing project that delves into a subconscious exploration of sexual fantasy and violence from the perspective of my cultural background as an East Asian female, through expanding the contextual meaning of food and body in photographic practice. Food is a carrier of sensory memory. The process of […]

Enrico Smerilli

PHROOM // Enrico Smerilli

PHROOM ENRICO SMERILLI website instagram In Enrico Smerilli’s authorial practice, the close-up is an element that returns insistently and runs through the different photographic series made by the author. The close-up shot of the subject—the exclusion from the composition of other elements that could connote or contextualize it—turns the images into pure surface, a skin […]

Raphael Zulfugarov

PHROOM // Raphael Zulfugarov

PHROOM RAPHAEL ZULFUGAROV Corpus Alienum Instagram  The images before me are a reflection of the ugly underbelly of our politics of borders and the desperate search for identity. Each frame captures a moment of chaos and despair, revealing the harsh reality of modern-day migration. The compositions are marked by a sense of chaos and decay, […]

Salome Erni

PHROOM // Salome Erni

PHROOM SALOME ERNI Dear tomorrow   websiteinstagram  “Growing up with privileges sets a standard that is expected to be surpassed or at least maintained. On one hand, this is about development, but on the other hand pressure and burden.” 20-year-old Kateryna sums up what many young people from high-income countries in Europe think: That despite […]

Nika Sandler

PHROOM // Nika Sandler

PHROOM NIKA SANDLER My Nonhuman Friends   websiteinstagram  Since birth, I have always been surrounded by cats. The first being who became interested in me after I was discharged from the hospital was a cat. He stood on the bed and stared at me. He had never seen a human child before. Fortunately, he liked […]

Maria Denise Dessimoz

PHROOM // Maria Denise Dessimoz

MARIA-DENISE DESSIMOZ The inevitable anguish of Desire website Instagram In an unexpected desolation, everything changed. Something died that day. Voids appeared. I fell into the abyss of memories. Recalling fragments of lust, in the liminal space of dreams. Chasing my desire in the subconscious. The carousel of thoughts, spinning and spinning. Leading to turmoil and […]

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