PHROOM Loic Vendrame

Geographer and now working in humanitarian, his passion for urban photography was born 7 years ago. Firstly attracted by contemporary architecture, he explored metropolises of the world to find colorful and graphics architectural subjects, seeking to sublimate volumes and perspectives.

Today his photographic work is shifting towards the study of urban planning, land and space. He’s looking to highlight unsustainable political and socio-economic phenomena, sometimes devoid of all common sense, through a photographic documentation project on “non-places” and urban interstices.

PHROOM Loic Vendrame

This photographic documentary invites us to discover another image of Spain, one of sustainable incompletion. At the crossroad of two series, one on the ghost towns of the Madrid desert, and the other on the abandoned side of the East Coast, this project takes us along 2000 km through “non-city”, aborted tourism projects, or unused infrastructures, 8 years after the severe housing crisis that struck southern Europe.

In Spain, concrete tsunami have spread everywhere, through corrupt elected officials, megalomaniac investors and dreams of homeownership. Silently, a housing bubble swelled, until 2008, when banks stopped lending money, investors and businesses went bankruptcies and withdrew, freezing current construction sites, and the population could no longer repay borrowing.

In a documentation process, this project reflects the abandonment and incompleteness that persist in these (non)-places, 8 years after the bursting of the housing bubble, and that mark the landscape of an impression that we would not ever see. The visual approach combines aesthetics and graphics, while retaining these unfinished constructions in their surroundings. The search of droop breaks the temporality by strengthening the effect of unreality scenes. Here the human is evaded or so hidden behind visual cues, reinforcing the inhumanity of these places.

And everywhere, vegetation digs the concrete, slowly returning back at its place.

PHROOM Loic Vendrame

PHROOM Loic Vendrame

PHROOM Loic Vendrame

PHROOM Loic Vendrame

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