An exhibition curated by PHROOM in partnership with BRISTOL.
eld in via Francesco De Sanctis 71, Milan on June 12th 2024.

Works by: Chloé Milos Azzopardi, Alice Beltrami, Louis De Belle, Lorena Florio, Andrea Graziosi, Carlo Lombardi, Filippo Telaro, Shun Zhai.

Title design by: Alexandre Cayuela Castilla

A non-linear journey between different authorial expressions inhabiting the constant research of the archive. The formalization of a path in becoming that finds in the mise en scène a moment of non-virtual restitution, through which the photographic work of the authors selected can be encountered.

Chloé Milos Azzopardi, Non Technological Devices

Alice Beltrami, Zanzare


Louis De Belle, Crowd  
Lorena Florio, Essere per Sempre, Lacerazioni  
Andrea Graziosi, Animas  
Carlo Lombardi, La Carne dell’Orso  
PHROOM // momento // Filippo Telaro

Filippo Telaro, Foresti Dapartuto

PHROOM // Shun Zhai
Shun Zhai, Wave  

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