Enrico Smerilli

PHROOM // Enrico Smerilli

PHROOM ENRICO SMERILLI website instagram In Enrico Smerilli’s authorial practice, the close-up is an element that returns insistently and runs through the different photographic series made by the author. The close-up shot of the subject—the exclusion from the composition of other elements that could connote or contextualize it—turns the images into pure surface, a skin […]

Enrico Smerilli

PHROOM magazine international research platform for contemporary photography and video art // Enrico Smerilli

PHROOM HOME Projects Interviews Book Reviews Videos Texts TV Artists About Submission Newsletter   ENRICO SMERILLI Here is where we meet websiteInstagram “…No, you will never know it. The only thing you need to know is if you are lying or trying to say the truth, you cannot afford to make any confusion.” John Berger […]

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