Liza Ambrossio & Javier Martín-Jiménez

PHROOM // Liza Ambrossio

PHROOM LIZA AMBROSSIO Interview with Javier Martín-Jiménez on Liza Ambrossio’s work website instagram interview by: Giangiacomo Cirla Giangiacomo Cirla: Hello Javier, it is a pleasure to be able to talk with you about Liza Ambrossio’s work, particularly what you have accomplished together during the last few years of collaboration and what you have recently inaugurated. […]

Raphael Zulfugarov

PHROOM // Raphael Zulfugarov

PHROOM RAPHAEL ZULFUGAROV Corpus Alienum Instagram  The images before me are a reflection of the ugly underbelly of our politics of borders and the desperate search for identity. Each frame captures a moment of chaos and despair, revealing the harsh reality of modern-day migration. The compositions are marked by a sense of chaos and decay, […]

Salome Erni

PHROOM // Salome Erni

PHROOM SALOME ERNI Dear tomorrow   websiteinstagram  “Growing up with privileges sets a standard that is expected to be surpassed or at least maintained. On one hand, this is about development, but on the other hand pressure and burden.” 20-year-old Kateryna sums up what many young people from high-income countries in Europe think: That despite […]

Maria Denise Dessimoz

PHROOM // Maria Denise Dessimoz

MARIA-DENISE DESSIMOZ The inevitable anguish of Desire website Instagram In an unexpected desolation, everything changed. Something died that day. Voids appeared. I fell into the abyss of memories. Recalling fragments of lust, in the liminal space of dreams. Chasing my desire in the subconscious. The carousel of thoughts, spinning and spinning. Leading to turmoil and […]

Alessio Pinna

ALESSIO PINNA Il Disordine website Instagram The crystal structure of a mineral is a regular and ordered set of atoms.  This invisible structure originates the outer form, which is clearly visible, called “crystalline habit”.  A manifestation of the invisible.   Sometimes growth is hindered by the simultaneous development of other crystals;   the result is a mass […]

Chiara Benzi

PHROOM // Chiara Benzi

CHIARA BENZI Like a Knife in the Sun   websiteInstagram   “Like a Knife in the Sun” is a radical experimentation that focuses on the point of contact between Eros and Thanatos, the convergence between love and death, the impossible desire of continuity and its inevitable disintegration, bringing out the dominant charm of eroticism. Through […]


PHROOM FABRIZO VATIERI – OLIVIERO FIORENZI H.A.R.I. With the participation of Francesca Flora Curated by Angela Vettese Produced in collaboration with Provinciale 11 for the Intramezzi exhibition series Scientific research by Carolina Merlo Text by: Angela Vettese, Arnold Braho Concept: Fabrizio Vatieri and Oliviero Fiorenzi  Performer: Francesca Flora Drawings: Oliviero Fiorenzi  Music and texts: Fabrizio […]

Vitaliano Ciulli

VITALIANO CIULLI Professor and researcher Prof. Vitaliano Ciulli mainly carried out his research activity at CERN, first in the ALEPH experiment at the LEP collider and later in the CMS experiment at the LHC collider. He participated in the design and construction of the silicon tracker of this last experiment and was then involved in […]


MURAY Reasearch project The MURAY research project is the brainchild of Professor Paolo Strolin of the University of Naples “Federico II,” to apply the experimental technique of muon radiography to Vesuvius.The Neapolitan volcano, represents a huge challenge both in terms of the measurement itself, and in terms of safety, as a possible eruption would put […]

The 181

THE 181 Collective   Therefore the Falling Hazard What the 181 thinks about geodesic domes:We think about how the term “geodesic” gets used in physics, particularly in relativity: when you think of a straight line in the middle of space, you might imagine that if some object were at one end of this imaginary line […]

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