Benedetta Ristori

PHROOM // Benedetta Ristori

PHROOM BENEDETTA RISTORI You Don’t Need Soil To Grow   websiteinstagram   “You Don’t Need Soil To Grow” explores the dynamics of nomadism and rootedness in modernity. Connection to a place is commonly seen as an expression of the roots of human beings and their relationship to the world around them. In the past, the […]

Maria Mavropoulou

PHROOM // Maria Mavropoulou

PHROOM MARIA MAVROPOULOU In Their own image, in the image of God, They created Them   websiteinstagram   The era of Artificial intelligence is usually imagined as the time when humanoid robots will interact with us in our daily lives. Failing to realize that we have been interacting with AI for some time now already […]

Paolo Bufalini

PHROOM // Paolo Bufalini

PHROOM PAOLO BUFALINI The Sleeper website instagram text by: Enrico Camprini The fact that Paolo Bufalini’s research has recently turned towards photography surprised me only at first. Although somewhat intermedial, the path taken by the artist in recent years focuses on a production specifically linked to sculpture, installation – more the former than the latter […]

Stefano Conti

PHROOM // Stefano Conti

PHROOM STEFANO CONTI Teach me how you designed these creatures   websiteinstagram   The project explores the disparate theories and contradictions around the Nuragic civilization’s historiography. This Sardinian population existed between 2.300 BC 200 AD and played a central role in shaping the contemporary identity of the Italian island. The lack of indisputable information about […]

Carlo Zanni

PHROOM // Carlo Zanni

PHROOM CARLO ZANNI Save me for later website instagram interview by: Pau Waelder in collaboration with NIIO A bot browsing autonomously selects items and places them in the basket. When the basket reaches its limit, items are automatically moved to the “Saved for later” list. The bot also embeds a floating window showing a […]

Marcel Top

PHROOM // Marcel Top

PHROOM MARCEL TOP Sara Hodges  websiteinstagram  “Is our fundamental right to freedom of expression under threat?” Starting with this question, Marcel Top investigates mass surveillance in the United States of America.The project Sara Hodges addresses the artist’s concerns over the safety of democracy in surveilled societies. The American government’s recent response to social movements highlighted […]

Alena Ahmadullina

PHROOM // Alena Ahmadullina

PHROOM ALENA AHMADULLINA Mono  websiteinstagram  Mono is a kind of edge between the reverse sides of my existence. Trying to hold myself in the mild area I always fall into an ecstatic or apathetic state. Thus my life turns into seasons with unpredictable duration.  Via taking pictures, I capture images that attract my attention in […]

Maria Mavropoulou

PHROOM // Maria Mavropoulou

PHROOM MARIA MAVROPOULOU Tears, Spit & Cum website instagram Navigating through familiar interfaces -that new kind of architecture that our digital self inhabits- we are liberated from the constraints of a physical body. In this disembodied experience our eyes become our guides in these virtual environments while the rest of our sensory input is muted […]

Ida Nissen

PHROOM IDA NISSEN SCRIM  websiteinstagram  published by:  Lodret Vandret “The foundation of my practice lies in photography as a material that lives through the energy of colours, textures and the feel of the surfaces. My recent work is made of photographic paper that is exposed to light in a colour dark room, cut and layered into collages. […]

Sam De Buysere

PHROOM // Sam De Buysere

PHROOM SAM DE BUYSERE Dogs in Cars are a Dying Breed – Pilot  websiteinstagram   Some production company announces the pilot of an anthology series called:Dogs in Cars are a Dying Breed,written and directed by Sam De Buysere. A proposal for a screenplay (for lack of any substitute terminology to offer you at this time) starring: […]

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