The 181

THE 181 Collective   Therefore the Falling Hazard What the 181 thinks about geodesic domes:We think about how the term “geodesic” gets used in physics, particularly in relativity: when you think of a straight line in the middle of space, you might imagine that if some object were at one end of this imaginary line […]

Monia Procesi

MONIA PROCESI Geologist and researcher   Monia Procesi is permanent researcher at INGV (Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia). She is geologist with scientific expertise is in water and gas geochemistry applied to georesource characterization. Her first efforts in scientific research were in the area of CO2 geological storage site selection, and she then moved […]

Benedetta Panisson

BENEDETTA PANISSON Artist   websiteInstagram As an islander it has always been quite clear to me how seas and islands are spaces where we place eroticism, exoticism, sensuality, exorbitance. It is this imagery that moves my photographic, video, and performing production. The relationship between the human body, animal, and maritime space, and how this intertwining […]

Sophie Usunier

SOPHIE USUNIER Artist   websiteInstagram Sophie Usunier outlines, diverts, decontextualizes objects, gestures and what is part of our everyday life. She speaks of the epidermis as a physical limit, from limited space to infinite space, as an attempt to meet oneself through the other, to create a breach. From our perception to the interpretation of […]

Riccardo Arena

RICCARDO ARENA Artist   websiteInstagram My artistic practice is dedicated to the creation of visual and narrative environments that combine theoretical and formal research and are conceived as cultural devices of imaginative knowledge. Incorporating heterogeneous disciplinary territories, my research weaves phenomena and events distant in time and space into a filigree of analogies and correlations […]

Francesco Careri

FRANCESCO CARERI Architect Who Loses Time Gains Space has always been the motto of Stalker, an urban art workshop of which Francesco Careri is co-founder. Forget time and make yourself available to space. Giving oneself time to lose oneself and to discover new spaces. Together with Francesco Careri we will try to find the mathematical […]

Matteo Nasini

MATTEO NASINI Artist   websiteInstagram The research of Matteo Nasini starts from sound study, to take physical shapes deeply examining and observing the sound and plastic substance’s surface. This leads to a practice that methodologically develops in sound installations, performances, textile and sculptural works. He showed his work at: Clima Gallery, Marsèlleria, Triennale, Fonderia Artistica […]

Filippo Romano

FILIPPO ROMANO   Instagram Copyright © Filippo Romano and Volcaninc Attitude, all rights reserved

Alberto Pepe

ALBERTO PEPE Astrophysicist   Instagram Under a starry sky we will embark on an open-eyed meditation to savor the beauty of the cosmos. Starting from the Earth, and passing through the Moon, the Sun, and then navigating with the mind through infinite spaces and times, we will try to instill in us a cosmic vision […]

Giuseppe De Mattia – Dress Code

GIUSEPPE DE MATTIA Dress Code @ LAVAPIU website Instagram text by: Celeste translation by: Tommaso Iorio The concentration of circumference The main character of a novel by Tiziano Scarpa from few years ago, Il brevetto del geco, is a thirty-nine-year-old artist from Milan, determined to put an end to a career that never really took […]

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