PHROOM // Momento

PHROOM MOMENTO An exhibition curated by PHROOM in partnership with BRISTOL. Held in via Francesco De Sanctis 71, Milan on June 12th 2024. Works by: Chloé Milos Azzopardi, Alice Beltrami, Louis De Belle, Lorena Florio, Andrea Graziosi, Carlo Lombardi, Filippo Telaro, Shun Zhai. Title design by: Alexandre Cayuela Castilla A non-linear journey between different authorial […]

Studies on the Elsewhere ⁣// Radura

PHROOM // Radura—Studies on the Elsewhere

PHROOM RADURA Studies on the Elsewhere websiteinstagram Curated by: Marcello Maranzan and Robin Sara StauderText by: Robin Sara StauderWorks by: Agostino Chiarucci, Annalisa Doriguzzi Breatta, Chiara Pontiglione, Elisa Hampe, Isabella Casiraghi, Marta Valdegrani, Sarah Indriolo, Ylenia SignorelliInstallation View: Marcello Maranzan Hosted by: Spazio MartínInstallation: Sofia RonchiniMusic Selection: Marta Oliva According to Milan Kundera’s existential mathematics, […]


PHROOM FABRIZO VATIERI – OLIVIERO FIORENZI H.A.R.I. With the participation of Francesca Flora Curated by Angela Vettese Produced in collaboration with Provinciale 11 for the Intramezzi exhibition series Scientific research by Carolina Merlo Text by: Angela Vettese, Arnold Braho Concept: Fabrizio Vatieri and Oliviero Fiorenzi  Performer: Francesca Flora Drawings: Oliviero Fiorenzi  Music and texts: Fabrizio […]

Cure // Kiyoshi Kurosawa

PHROOM // Kiyoshi Kurosawa

PHROOM KIYOSHI KUROSAWA Cure   text by: Alessandra Cianetti   Three murders in two months. The only thing they have in common is an X-shaped incision on each victim’s neck. No motive. The most insoluble mystery. And yet, precisely because of the unknown, Kurosawa’s feature film “Cure” works excellently. Like Detective Takabe, the protagonist, we […]

Giuseppe De Mattia – Dress Code

GIUSEPPE DE MATTIA Dress Code @ LAVAPIU website Instagram text by: Celeste translation by: Tommaso Iorio The concentration of circumference The main character of a novel by Tiziano Scarpa from few years ago, Il brevetto del geco, is a thirty-nine-year-old artist from Milan, determined to put an end to a career that never really took […]

Maria Mavropoulou

PHROOM // Maria Mavropoulou

PHROOM MARIA MAVROPOULOU In Their own image, in the image of God, They created Them   websiteinstagram   The era of Artificial intelligence is usually imagined as the time when humanoid robots will interact with us in our daily lives. Failing to realize that we have been interacting with AI for some time now already […]

Paolo Bufalini

PHROOM // Paolo Bufalini

PHROOM PAOLO BUFALINI The Sleeper website instagram text by: Enrico Camprini The fact that Paolo Bufalini’s research has recently turned towards photography surprised me only at first. Although somewhat intermedial, the path taken by the artist in recent years focuses on a production specifically linked to sculpture, installation – more the former than the latter […]

Last Year at Marienbad

PHROOM // International research platform for visual culture

PHROOM Last Year at Marienbad Alain Resnais (France, 1961)   text by: Alessandra Cianetti “Last Year at Marienbad” (French: “L’Année dernière à Marienbad”) is a 1961 French feature film directed by Alain Resnais, one of the filmmakers who contributed to the theorization of the Nouvelle Vague, of which he was a faithful representative. It is no […]

MIDORI // The Camellia Girl

PHROOM magazine // international research platform for contemporary photography and video art

MIDORI, The Camellia Girl Can an innocent little girl survive in a world of monsters?    text by: Federica Zotti It’s 1984 and Suehiro Maruo, then 28 years old and established in the world of ero-guro manga (a social-artistic movement mixing eroticism and macabre, bizarre, and sometimes nonsense elements) as one of its leading exponents, […]


PHROOM magazine // international research platform for contemporary photography and video art

PHROOM L’InfernoFrancesco Bertolini, Giuseppe De Liguoro, Adolfo Padovan (Italy, 1911)   text by: Matteo Cremonesi The first decades of the last century saw Italian cinema develop with great rapidity an industry which in many ways has been able to distinguish itself for its strong linguistic autonomy. If the blockbuster “Cabiria” (1914) represents the uncontested climax […]

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